A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Coded in about 4 hours for Corona Blitz.

I began by trying to make some pun on "Tuesday" along with something including "vir", but nothing really clicked. Somehow the "Tiw's Day" link stuck with me and then, since "vir" approximately applies to the Norse god Tiw / Tyr, I figured I'd go with it and do something with him and the incident of the Fenris wolf.

Gathering the components of Gleipnir seemed a pretty obvious idea. The idea of putting Tiw's hand in Fenrir's mouth becoming a shmup of sorts sprang pretty much full-formed after that. Although the virtue angle was pretty vague at this point, originally being rather forced in the title, the connection between this act and fortitude soon clicked, and then the ideas for the rest gradually cemented. Between brainstorming and mulling over the implementation (basically just offline coding, but I figure the rules are generous here) there was probably another 3 or 4 hours.

The Dwarf Soda was originally supposed to be mead, but I changed it when I saw the Demon Drink idea on Corona's forum.

It's obviously all pretty basic, and I don't know whether I'll do more with it. It looks like one or two occasional level-unloading crashes still snuck past me. Oh well.

I built with a fresh dummy account, but don't seem to be seeing the splash screen on Windows. (I do see it on Android.) If I should be, let me know.

Originally I thought art time was included in the 4-hour limit, thus no attempts at quality were made! At this point I don't feel up to refining it. Anyhow, I reclaimed those 25 minutes, which let me squeeze in more or less everything just in time.

According to the breakdown in my notes:

- Writing the initial story text: 25 minutes (0:25)

- Touch control stuff (borrowing bits from here and here) + some scenes: 15 minutes (0:40)

- Further utilities (quick and dirty collision, scene transitions, save and load) + some more scenes: 40 minutes (1:20)

- Prudentia: 45 minutes (2:05)

- Fortitudo: 45 minutes (2:45)

- Some buttons: 7 minutes (2:52)

At this point I realized art didn't count, which was good, since I didn't see much hope of doing the rest in 40 minutes.

- Temperantia: 25 minutes (This and Iusitita are alike, but this is slightly simpler, so I did it first; borrowed a bit from Fortitudo, e.g. the meter) (3:17)

- Iustititia: 30 minutes (A bit of copy-and-paste) (3:47)

I tried to polish some text and fix a few odds and ends with what was left.

Install instructions

Should be straightforward. The game is in a folder in the zip on Windows.


vir-tiw-et-lupus-fenrir.Win32.zip 3 MB
vir-tiw-et-lupus-fenrir.apk 6 MB

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